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"OPEC of the West" was founded 2006.05 in Tucson, AZ. to explore Human/Robot Interactivity

ďDrilling Brains for New & Better Use of TechnologyĒ

Welcome to the
Autonomous Robot Gaming Association

LíRobotoriumís will host local, regional, national and international robot competitions on a regular basis. To help pay for organizing the competitions, judges and awards there will be the Autonomous Robot Gaming Association (ARGA).

Customers of the LíRobotorium will have a credit card like membership that is swiped when they begin a task or game and again at the end. This is how the basic billing is measured.

The membership card will let customers earn extra time if they pay their card in full every week (or month) and the card becomes an ARGA membership ID card with a small annual membership fee ($5). The really low fees are for children under 18.

A really neat thing about the card concept is that other people can make donations to the card fund anonymously by paying for the billing on the website to help poorer kids continue to play along with their friends sans much of the stigma of being too poor.

By using the LíRobotorium ID charge cards kids begin to learn about the credit card system. Theyíre carrying an ID card that can be used for a variety of helpful instances and because the RFID ID card is tied to the LíRobotorium and has monetary value to the kids, they will guard it more securely.

The card will allow kids to play and run up some credit and as long as they pay their minimums during the month there will not be any extra charges. However, if a kid cannot pay the bill up by the end of the month, time allowed gaming will become restricted (maybe 10-minutes an hour) until the bill has been paid (either by the member or friend or by an anonymous donation on the website.

Website donations will be differentiated by either the card ID number, local LíRobotorium ID number or can go into a general pot that is divided evenly amongst all the overdue cards of kids under 18 years of age.

Patents Pending

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